I have battled my joints for years suffering from psoriatic arthritis. It affects my hands, hips, knees, feet, and spine. For years every morning when I’d wake up, I couldn’t sit up in bed because my spine and hips would be extremely inflamed and stiff. All I could do is roll to my side and fall out of bed. Then I’d slowly, very slowly, rise up and start to straighten myself upright. And then came the next challenge, walking. Getting down the stairs from my bedroom was excruciating for my feet. They felt like I had large stones stuck to the bottom of my feet with each step. I’ve tried many different things including organic terpene flavored edibles to try to gain relief or even send my affliction into remission, but only one thing helped me: CBD oil.

I first tried taking a biologic medicine. I had to inject myself subcutaneously every 2 weeks. The injection site would swell up with a welt for several hours. I was informed by my rheumatologist what the possible side effects were. It is a staggeringly frightful list of maladies! Cancer, higher risk of serious infection, tuberculosis, etc. I found that the effects of the biologic medicine were overshadowed by the potential and fatal side effects. I decided to try a different course of treatment, and I leaned heavily on terpene infused edible candies.

My sister referred me to a naturopathic doctor that she and her family visit for their health concerns. She told me that it’s helped her family immensely. I set an appointment and discussed my psoriatic arthritis with the naturopath. She set forth a treatment plan that involved several different things, amongst them exercise, diet, and CBD oil tinctures infused with cannabis terpenes

She referred me to Xtra Laboratories to purchase the CBD extract tinctures. She told me that CBD oil has a natural anti-inflammatory effect to help with the swelling in my joints. CBD also helps to reduce pain along with providing a relaxing effect.

She placed me on a diet free of red meats, dairy, fried food, and alcohol. I was to focus on eating lean meats, vegetables, fruit, nuts, and ancient grains. It was tough to change my diet routine, but finding relief was important to me so I stuck faithfully to the diet.

I started a regular exercise routine that included both weight lifting and cardio. I ran 3 times weekly, and lifted weights 5 days a week. Proper exercise is important to keep my joints from getting worse and building up damaging inflammation. You got to work through the pain to get better!

Sticking to this treatment plan was the best choice I could make! The terpene heavy CBD oral tincture I took produced results within a couple of weeks. I was able to easily sit up in bed in the morning, and walking down the stairs was no longer a torturous experience! The inflammation and swelling in my hands and feet was reduced dramatically. This coupled with the diet and exercise routine changes I made became the cure for my psoriatic arthritis without all the potential side effects of biologic medicines.