Each year when the new car models come out, there are exciting changes and updates; the 2021 versions of the SUVs are better than their last versions and can be hard to find, making them even more in demand. The top models cover a range of sizes and prices, offering something for everyone. 

Volkswagen Tiguan

This reliable SUV from the well-known maker is a strong contender. It starts the year strong with more power, some design changes for even better ease of use for the driver, and the same safety and reliability that people have come to expect from any Volkswagen vehicle

Jeep Grand Cherokee

This famous brand has been built on its ability to go anywhere you need it to. Not just for drives to work, the Cherokee offers stability when the roads are bad, conquers snow and rough trails without the disadvantages of a full off-road vehicle that may be larger and harder on city streets.


The new BMW offers xDrive all-wheel drive to get you wherever you need to go in a style that is unmatched. Built for snow, summer road trips, and with seating that is easy to get to, it has leg room for your whole family. The new models boast improved mileage and fuel efficiency to help it fit into your life. 

Porsche Cayenne

Designed to function as an SUV, but with the advantages of the sports car, it offers a new approach to the SUV. Choose the engine size that fits your preference and enjoy the easy acceleration and the smooth drive that comes with it. When building your own, you can choose the best seating for your family or carry around the equipment you need for road trips, hobbies, sports, or supporting your business.

Hyundai Tucson

This popular SUV has a following that has been stable for years and delivers again with its latest edition. With a focus on technology and connectivity, it provides Android Auto and Apple CarPlay to keep you hands-free and safe while getting where you need to go. All-wheel drive brings stability and safety, and the hangs free options keep you focused on the road and distraction-free. 

When choosing your next SUV, it is important to consider not only appearance but also check the safety features, the available seating and how the seating is arranged, and what will fit within your budget. These are the details that will matter to your day today, when the newness starts to wear off, you will want functionality and comfort along with safety and reliability. These top 5 all offer those factors as well as style and functions that will make your daily drive a little better.